Muslim Student Association


Al-Nur (meaning “The Light” in Arabic) is the Muslim Student Association at Dartmouth College. Established in the early 1980s, Al-Nur aims to serve the ambitions and needs of Muslim undergraduates, graduates, community members of the Upper Valley, and welcomes all members of the Dartmouth community. Primarily, the activities of Al-Nur is driven by student motivation and creativity, and thus, the nature of its undertakings relfect the renewed ideas and hopes of its members. 

The Muslim Prayer Room, centrally located in North Fairbanks Hall, is used for various purposes—primarily for congregational prayers, such as Friday Jum'ah prayer services, and 'Ishaa and Fajr prayers. Students often stop by to offer their prayers throughout the day, or to spend some time reading. 

The '53 commons is located nearby, and is the home of halal and kosher dining area on campus. The creation of the Pavilion in '53 commons was initiated by members of Al-Nur and Hillel (the Jewish student association on campus) in 2005. The Pavilion is part of the Dartmouth Dining Plan and is open seven days a week.

Al-Nur holds social events in addition to providing spiritual support for its members. This is achieved through various activities including group discussions, dinners, lectures with invited speakers and through the presence of a Muslim Advisor. In the past, Al-Nur has had several part-time Muslim Advisors, such as R. David Coolidge and recently Dawood Yasin, who actively engaged the community in classes, dinners, talks, individual counseling, creative activities, retreats, and more. In 2013, Al-Nur is welcoming and looking forward to working with Musim and Multi-faith advisor, Sharif Rosen. 

Al-Nur is affiliated with the Tucker Foundation, the center for religious and spiritual life and service at Dartmouth, and members of Al-Nur frequently participate in interfaith activities and projects, such as Multi-Faith Council and charity or humanitarian aid projects cosponsored by other religious organizations on campus.

We welcome all Muslim and non-Muslim students