Muslim Student Association


Al Nur's Advisor,  Sharif Rosen

   Sharif A. Rosen joined the Tucker Foundation as the Muslim & Multi-Faith Advisor in December 2013.

Prior to coming to Dartmouth College, he spent nearly five years in Amman, Jordan directing student services for the Qasid Arabic Institute, a study abroad center for college-age students of Arabic from the United States and other western countries. At Qasid, he led student advising, organized trips, activities and volunteer service opportunities.
   Concurrent with his work in Amman, Sharif studied Arabic and Islam directly under traditional Muslim scholars.  His past and ongoing studies focus on spiritual and ethical development, the laws of ritual worship, tenets of faith, Quranic exegesis and recitation. In early 2013, he completed Qasid's classical Arabic program.  With the encouragement of his teachers, Sharif is translating practical works on Islam from Arabic into English.  He is authorized to teach one of the classical methods of Quranic recitation.
From 2006 – 2008, Sharif led community relations for the University Muslim Medical Association in Los Angeles, California, also known as the UMMA Community Clinic.
   As an undergraduate at Loyola Marymount University (LMU), Sharif founded the Muslim student group on campus in 2004. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History from LMU in 2008 and is now a graduate student, part-time at the Hartford Seminary.  Apart from his work and studies, Sharif serves as a volunteer chaplain within the Vermont Department of Corrections.
Sharif embraced Islam in 2002.  


Al-Nur has had an advisor since its inception as a Dartmouth organization in 1983. For over two decades, the advisor was a volunteer; sometimes a faculty member, or a committed local community member. More recently, the advisor has been a paid employee of the Tucker Foundation. The original position within the Tucker Foundation was known as the “Muslim Advisor,” and it was a part-time role. It was first held by Irfan Aziz (2006-2007), and then R. David Coolidge (2008-2009), who both commuted to campus from over two hours in order to fulfill their duties. Responding to student requests to expand the position, the Tucker Foundation created a new full-time position, entitled the “Advisor for Campus Muslim Life and the International Service & Education Programs.” This is a joint position which emphasizes both aspects of Tucker’s mission, namely “faith” and “service,” and which will provide a new level of support to the Al-Nur student leadership.  Dawood Yasin was the first individual to serve Al-Nur and the Dartmouth community in this new, expanded role. 


Since Dawood's departure from Dartmouth, Sharif inherits a role that has evolved further still into the "Muslim and Multi-Faith Advisor" which entails supporting the campus' Muslim community, and facilitating the Tucker Foundation's multi-faith initiatives serving the entire student body.  The latter includes weekly events like Multi-Faith Conversations, affinity housing groups like the Inter-Faith Living and Learning Community and trips like the Faith-in-Action Alternative Spring Break.


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