Muslim Student Association



The Muslim Prayer Room in North Fairbanks Hall is the location of many of Al-Nur’s activities. It is also the hub of the Upper Valley Muslim community. Community members as well as Dartmouth students attend Friday prayers, which are held every Friday at 1:00 pm. Both Eid prayers also take place on campus, usually in a more spacious location. During Ramadan, there are Taraweeh prayers every night, led by students and community members. Certain prayers are offered in congregation daily, and the Prayer Room is open to everyone at all times. 

Student-organized halaqas and classes are frequently available, depending on the interests and ambitions of the students involved. A few examples are nightlong retreats in the prayer room during Ramadan, book clubs, student-led discussion groups, and cooperative khutbah-writing sessions over dinner.

Student-initiated projects open to all of campus also take place on a regular basis. Among the most recent of these are: End of Racism Comedy Tour, New Muslim Cool—Documentary Film, a lecture on Islamic Law, a discussion and dinner with a Hollywood filmmaker (an Al-Nur alum), student-led Quranic recitation classes, Islamo-Fashion Awareness Week, and Quranica—an event first held in 2008 and again in the Winter of 2010, intended to introduce the beauty of the Quran to the broader Dartmouth campus.


In addition to supporting the religious and spiritual growth of Muslims at Dartmouth, Al Nur also provides a social network and a setting for lots of halal fun and entertainment. From epic hikes up Gile Mountain to casual after-Jum’ah lunches in ’53 Commons, Al-Nur social events help bring the community closer together and form friendships that will last (in shaa’ allah) for a lifetime. Recent Al-Nur social events include Mount Mousilake Retreat, Ivy Muslim Conference, Iqamedy-a comedy/talent show geared towards cultivating the creative juices of Al-Nur members, sledding on the golf course, snacks and conversation at Umpleby’s, game nights, movie nights, and, of course, Eid celebrations.

Community dinners throughout the year give students and community members a chance to socialize (and enjoy amazing food), particularly during Ramadan, when iftars are held on at a weekly basis. Al-Nur members also often gather informally for lunch or dinner on and off campus.


As affiliates of the Tucker Foundation and, of course, as brothers and sisters within the Muslim ummah, members of Al-Nur participate in and organize a variety of projects dedicated to serving the community here in the Upper Valley, as well as the global community. Member of Al-Nur are active leaders and participants in many of the service learning opportunities at the Tucker Foundation.

In addition Al-Nur members are frequently called upon to help foster education about Islam in various venues, ranging from high schools to summer camps. Also, beginning in 2009, several students from Al-Nur began making weekly visits to the Muslim inmates of nearby prisons. Al-Nur also supports activism and fundraising for humanitarian causes. In 2008-2009, Al-Nur and Hillel cosponsored a multi-part fundraiser, consisting of bake sales, bracelet sales, and a 5K run, to provide aid for people in Gaza.